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Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day - Bento Hop - R2D2 and Princess Leia Lunch


Are you celebrating Star Wars Day??? You know you are a family of geeks when your daughter has to decide WHICH Star Wars lunchbox she wants to take.  Anyway, this cute, little guy is packed and ready for school with a special lunch to celebrate Star Wars Day

And here is her lunch for the day!!! She has a Princess Leia sandwich with Wowbutter and jelly. She has a R2D2 stuffed sandwich with jelly.  She has grapes and blueberries with vintage picks and I made R2D2 gummies!

This is a close up of the vintage Star Wars picks. These are from my husband's birthday when he was a little boy. So they are over 30 years old!

Here is a close up of my R2D2 gummies!  They turned out too cute. We won't talk about how much I paid the man at the comic book store for a R2D2 ice cube mold! If you want to learn more about making your own gummies there are good tutorials out there such as this one and this one.

Wondering how I made Princess Leia?  Well, I saw this ornament cutter and immediately thought of her. Don't you see it? Anyway, I cut her out and then flipped it to cut the other side with the same "bun" looking piece.  And if you are wondering how I made the stuffed R2D2 you can read my personal tutorial on how to make a stuffed sandwich here.

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  1. Oh wow! Love the lunchbox, Leia, and R2D2! Looks amazing!

  2. That is AWESOME Crystal!
    Love that the picks were your husbands :) so adorable!

    Love the sandwich too - great job!!

  3. R2D2 and Lei are wonderful! Great job!

  4. R2D2 and Lei are wonderful! Great job!

  5. Love the lunchbox, Leia n R2D2, awesome. :)

  6. Wow! The lunchbox and the vintage picks are so awesome! Plus your R2D2 came out so good! What a great lunch!!

  7. The gummies are soo adorable and clever!

  8. That is amazing! I now feel that I desperately need an r2d2 ice cube mold lol

  9. Wow, awesome! Love the vintage picks!