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Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Honest Review - Why I Love the 21 Day Fix

If you are interested in following my journey you can join me on my Facebook page or order from my Beachbody site.

First of all, what is the 21 Day Fix

In my own words, it is a system that enables you to eat well, exercise, and lose weight without a lot of fuss.  You can do the 21 Day Fix for 21 days or you can opt to repeat it..  I have completed two rounds of the 21 Day Fix and moved on to the 21 Day Fix Extreme, which I will review some other time.

Who Am I?

I am a mother to two children, ages five and nine.  We also have a yellow lab!  My husband works crazy hours as a retail manager and I teach full-time.  Our lives are busy with church, family outings, schools, Girl Scouts, walks, and more!  Like anyone else, I have laundry to do, bills to pay, and not enough time in the day to get it all done. That's why the 30 minutes a day approach works for me.

The Containers

When you order the complete challenge pack you will receive the containers and a recipe book. Each color container represents certain foods that you can eat. The idea behind this program is that you don't count calories, you eat healthy.

I will be completely healthy and say that I don't stress myself out over this part of the program. I feel like I have an understanding of portion control and I like to eat. Since I am now on my third round of 21 Day Fix, I don't want to continually eat out of little containers. So I used the myfitnesspal app to help me keep up with my calories.

The Workouts

The 21 Day Fix workouts are my favorite part of the program and here's why:

  • My husband's schedule is crazy so I pretty much have to workout at home.
  • I love that there are different workouts for each day of the week. I feel like this helps sculpt your whole body.
  • I can FEEL the changes in my body.
  • I won't lie.  The second day of the FIX, I thought I might die. Every muscle in my body hurt. But I did my day three workout and kept going. After that I was fine.
  • The exercises last for 30 seconds - 1 minute and then you have a break.  This is just enough time that I don't quit, but I get results.
  • I am NOT athletic. I was the girl who convinced the PE teacher to let her sit on the bleachers. I can do all of the exercises except for a couple and I have been working on those!
  • There is a true sense of accomplishment when you finally do it. I wasn't able to do surrenders when I started, but now I can do them! I KNEW I was stronger the first time I did my whole set.

I was completely skeptical about Shakeology when I started the program.. So much so that I told MY coach that I just wanted to get the workouts and containers.  I ended up regretting this and bought Shakeology later. I was using protein powder in it's place but didn't see any effects from it.  So why am I hooked on Shakeology now?
  • It's a meal replacement.  I rarely eat breakfast because I don't have time and I take a thyroid hormone that requires me to wait an hour before eating.
  • At first I was unsure of the flavor (I ordered chocolate), but after playing around with it I love to mix it in various ways. It is fun to experiment. I like to add a banana and almond milk.
  • I have always suffered from IBS and having my gallbladder out five years ago didn't help matters. I have experimented with some IBS medications but hate taking medication daily or with every meal.  Shakeology has helped tremendously with my digestive issues. I haven't taken any stomach medication since starting Shakeology.
  • It helps supplement with the vitamins I know that I don't get. I am not a huge vegetable fan, but I know with Shakeology that I am sneaking in some things that I would never eat otherwise.
And Why I Became a Coach:

I have always had body issues, dating back to when I was a teenager.  After having my first child nine years ago, I stopped wearing a two piece bathing suit and would only wear a tankini.  Flash foward to my son being born and it got worse. He was an almost 10 lb. baby.  3 months after he was born, I had emergency gallbladder sugery.  I lost fifty pounds in a matter of a month. I was tiny but I was a big ball of extra skin.

I have tried dieting, I have tried walking, I have tried having a gym membership, and I have tried pilates videos at home. I made some progress, but I still had a muffin top and extra skin.  

My thyroid issues have increased and so has my weight. When I discovered that I was starting to get "back fat" something had to change. Haha! So, I reached out to a coach and purchased the 21 Day Fix.

This summer I have lost 16 pounds, but way more important than that I am stronger.  My legs and arms aren't jiggly.  My pooch is disappearing (still not perfect but it is so close to being gone).  I have actually worn a two piece bathing suit for the first time in 9 years without being self-conscious about it.  Which living at the beach is a big deal! Plus being a coach means you are more motivated to keep going and not to give up.

If you are interested in following my journey you can join me on my Facebook page or order from my Beachbody site.  

* This is an unsolicited review based on my results from 21 Day Fix. I am currently a Beachbody Coach.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Lunches

The kids will probably be excited tomorrow when they open these lunches. Each child has two pepperoni rolls, grapes, broccoli and carrots, ranch and some new cinnamon things they wanted to try made by Cheetos. Honestly, they tasted like a stick of butter and I love butter. Yuck. I will see what the kids think though. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The BFG Lunch

I haven't blogged in forever...

But tonight a friend said she found my blog on Pinterest by surprise. It was a reminder that maybe I should do this every once in a while.

Rebecca is currently reading BFG at school. So I made a BFG lunch! She has a turkey wrap with veggie cream cheese, a cheese stick, Pirate's Booty, and grapes. I used food markers to draw the picture from the cover on her lunch.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The elf makes a popcorn mess!

Oh my! That silly elf.  He apparently brought back the Elf Story movie, but look at the mess he made.  He was sitting on the couch from the Calico Critters house that he apparently moved into the living room!  He scattered popcorn all over.
Then we went into the kitchen to make breakfast and found this mess!  Apparently my daughter says that other elves clean up their messes but ours doesn't!

An elf matryoshka?

In 2002 I traveled to Russia with a group from NCSU. I brought back this matryoshka and it sits in my living room. Well, we found Criddle beside it today. It appears he smushed himself into a plastic container of some sort and is perhaps pretending to be a matryoshka. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Christmas Lunch

Today's Christmas lunch has apple sauce in a mini dipper, goldfish, celery with cream cheese and carrots. Rebecca is on a cream cheese and ham roll up kick so I put some pinwheels on some Christmas picks and tada!